Brief Instruction

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Green-Power America, LLC is an American based company focused on the service and support of the North American market.  GPA’s parent company is a prime manufacturer specializing in the development, production and export of high quality Portable gasoline Generators, Inverter Generators, Gas and Electric Pressure Washers, Portable Air Compressors.

Green-Power America, as the marketing and sales arm in the Americas for our affiliates in China, offers extremely competitive pricing, after care support to the consumer and well maintained inventory levels of product in distribution centers located in North America which support reliable and timely delivery to our customers.  Green-Power America products are built to the highest quality standards and specifications, using only the best materials available.  Green-Power America products our crafted with Quality, Durability, Innovation and Longevity of use, our products will continue to serve the consumer’s needs with reliability and dependability for many years to come.


Green-Power America offers after purchase protection for the consumer via the premier service provider American Warranty Services in the North Americas who has more than 40 years of service experience in the industry and Service centers located throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, as well as in all 251 populous cities across the Americas.  We are committed to providing our customers with world class service far exceeding expectations, providing unparalleled warranty service administration and a competitive edge through an extensive service center network, unique flexibility and utilization of cutting edge technology.


Gasoline Stand Alone Engines 

Ideal replacements for standard and commercial engine configurations, that covers all series of product range from Lawn equipment, Agricultural equipment, Commercial equipment, Snow Removal and much more. Recoil or electric start on specified models. Vertical as well as Horizontal shaft availability.


Designed for home, emergency and recreational use, with a wattage range from 1,000 Watts to 10,000 Watts. Products include Gasoline, Inverter Type (Pure Sound Wave & Parallel Capabilities), with new products in development such as Dual Fuel & Tri-Fuel Generators that run on either gasoline, Propane or Natural Gas.  Green-Power has also diversified it’s Generator product offering into two segments our Pro Series will reach the most demanding consumers needs where as our Consumer Select units will meet and exceed the needs of the everyday consumer.

Gasoline & Electric Pressure Washers

Designed to deliver impressive cleaning results, for uses from washing the driveway to power cleaning a building. Pressure washers range in delivery power from 1600PSI to 2000 PSI Electric and 2600PSI to 3200PSI Gasoline and come equipped with an extensive range of features and accessories.  Green-Power Pressure Washers meet all federal Government regulations.

Portable Air Compressors

Green-Power has an extensive line ranging in Oiled / Oiless Tank size from 2 Gallon through 28 Gallon and tank configurations i.e. Hot Dog, Pancake, Twin Tank, Vertical and Horizontal.  All Green-Power Air compressors are certified by ETL or UL.