Air Compressor FAQ's

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What is the correct power supply for my compressor to work properly?

Most portable air compressors are powered by a precision built electric motor. It should be connected to a power supply that is 120 volts, 60 Hz, AC only (normal household current).

Do I need to register my compressor for warranty?

While it is not mandatory, we do suggest that you send in your warranty registration. You will need a copy of your receipt and the serial number of your air compressor if you should have a warranty repair issue.

Can I use extension cords with my compressor?

Yes. Use only 3-wire extension cords that have 3-prong grounding plugs and 3-pole receptacles that accept the product’s plug. When using a power tool at a considerable distance from the power source, consider plugging in directly at the power source and using a longer air hose. If that is not possible, use an extension cord heavy enough to carry the current that the product will draw. An undersized extension cord will cause a drop in line voltage, resulting in a loss of power and causing the motor to overheat.

Do I need to add an air filter to my compressor?

The pump comes with an air filter. It should be changed periodically when the filter becomes dirty, per instructions in the Use and Care Manual.