Trouble Shooting

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Issues and Troubleshooting

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*Generator – Issues and Troubleshooting

Why isn’t my generator starting with propane?

This problem can occur in models which can use both gasoline and propane. Usually, it comes up when the temperature falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The most effective way to resolve it is to start running the device on gasoline first. Then, you can switch on propane. Modern models give you this option. In order to do everything correctly and safely, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use strictly. You should have no issues with the switching especially if your machine is well maintained.

What should I do if water gets inside my generator?

When water gets into contact with electricity, there is a serious safety risk. It can also damage the engine and other components of the device. If you can power the device off without jeopardizing your safety, you should go for this option. The owner’s manual must give you precise instructions on how to do this. If there is any risk, you should leave the device running and contact the customer support service or a qualified technician for advice on what to do. You must always place your safety first.

Why does not the engine start?

This problem can have a number of causes. Most often, the spark plug is damaged or malfunctioning and has to be replaced. It is also possible for the issue to be due to fuel line damage. The carburetor could be blocked or damaged. There may be compression issues.

The problem may come from the starter itself. The battery of an electric start can get drained out. A pull-cord start can be difficult to use when it is cold. It is best for the device to be checked by a professional technician who will diagnose the problem and provide resolution.

Why did my generator stop working all of a sudden?

If the device has been running effectively without any signs of trouble and stops all of a sudden, a circuit breaker must have kicked in. The machine shuts down because of overload which can damage its internal components. In this situation, you need to reset the circuit breakers of the device and power fewer appliances with it. This should help to eliminate the issue. If the problem is not resolved, then there may be something wrong with the device itself. You should have a professional technician inspect it and provide repair.

What causes fuel to leak from the vent tube?

The problem may be due to improper setting of the shut-off valve. The valve has to be closed when the engine is not in use. The problem can also occur when the fuel float in the carburetor remains in open position. This usually happens when the carburetor is affected by gumming. Gumming, on the other hand, is a direct result of using fuel which has begun to degrade. Careful inspection of both the shut-off valve and the carburetor has to be provided so that the most appropriate solution to the problem can be found and implemented.

Why does my generator make smoke?

The major cause of this problem is a blown head gasket. When this happens, pressure gets built up in the crank case and this forces the oil to get absorbed into the air filter. This naturally results in the release of smoke from the device. In such cases, the device may also stop working completely. You should not wait for this to happen and shut off the device in order to lower the risk of damage. You have to have the machine repaired straight away so that you will be able to use it effectively and safely again.

How do I get replacement parts? 

These are available directly from our authorized service provider Factory Original Inc (FO) and Green-Power America,LLC (GPA). If you need parts for repair or parts for regular maintenance, you can expect a complete inventory of parts at FO or GPA.  You can order replacement parts by calling 888-834-4218, by emailing, or by going to  It is important to note that in some cases the engine is made by a different manufacturer. If this is the case with your device, you should be able to find spare parts for the engine system from FO or GPA as well.